Information for Presenters


The following guidelines will help you design and prepare for your Oral Presentation:

  1. Please check the session schedule on the official website to confirm the date and time of your presentation.
  2. The duration of each presentation is approximately 20 minutes. However, please follow the instructions of the session chair regarding the time allotted for your presentation.
  3. Please arrive at the designated meeting room 10 minutes before the session begins and report to the session chair.
  4. All meeting rooms are equipped with digital projectors and laptop computers (MS Windows operating system with MS PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Reader).
  5. You must bring your USB flash memory device containing the file for your presentation (in MS PowerPoint format). Files must be uploaded to the laptop in the meeting rooms before the start of your sessions. In addition, we would strongly advise all presenters to make a copy of the presentation in PDF format as a precaution.


  1. Size of the Poster
    The dimensions of the display board are 160 cm (Height) × 60 (Width) cm. Your poster can be small but must not exceed these dimensions.
  2. All exhibits have to be in English.
  3. Headings featuring paper title and authors have to be prepared in the font size of 24 (minimum) by the author.
  4. Plan your layout in such a way that the viewers can move their eyes from left to right and from top to bottom with appropriate breaks.
  5. Dismantling and Removal
    All posters have to be removed by the presenters after their designated poster sessions. The Conference and its staff are not responsible for packing, removing or shipping your poster. All posters that have not been removed after the last poster session will have to be destroyed.